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It’s a wonderful Day 2 of the HighScore Bingo Fun Fair Event! We’re giving away a total of 2,000 MGC to be shared by 20 of our luckiest, most chatty users! Are you one of them? Instructions on how you could be are below. Instructions Download mig’s brand new HighScore Bingo Android game from Get chatting about the game or your experiences playing it in ANY mig chatroom Screenshot any of your chatroom comments about the game and share it to your miniblgo with the hashtag: #HighScoreBingoDay2 Have fun playing Bingo with your friends! Prizes up for grabs! There’s 2,000MGC to be shared amongst the top 20 mig users to share the most interesting or creative chatroom message (as judged by the migme team) from each region* *One account per prize only 5 x users from Indonesia (500MGC) 5 x users from the Philippines (500MGC) 5 x users from India (500MGC) 5 x users from the Rest of the World (500MGC) Deadline By end of 26 Feb (end of the Bingo Fun Fair event) Winner announcement Winner announced on 7th Mar 2017 Announced on the for HighScore Bingo Fun Fair Discover Page and via the miniblog Terms and conditions apply: For more exciting HighScore Bingo Fun Fair events and information visit
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