Maldives, Level 51
I am tall, dark, muscular, huge, with premature grey hair on my head and beard but luckily my hair is not falling...I am not gay and I love women and girls very much...I am hobbyist information technology enthusiast...My personal website is www.guestworm.com ... My internet photo album and videos are at www.flickr.com/photos/nahyz and www.youtube.com/user/nahyz ...My formal blog is www.naheez.com( other blogs I use are http://naheez.typepad.com , http://nahyz.wordpress.com and micro blog at http://naheez.tumblr.com ) ...My Tweets are at http://twitter.com/naheez ... I use 3 Facebook accounts ( facebook.com/naheez , facebook.com/nahyz , and facebook.com/naheez.thawfeeg )...I love to drink coffee and I love music ( mostly heavy metal, nu metal, and rock bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Slipknot , Disturbed , Lamb of God , Anthrax , Slayer , Dream Theater , Linkin Park, KoRn, and Evanescence )...My favorite story writers and novelists are Frederick Forsyth , Jhon Grisham , Jack Higgins, Sydney Sheldon, and Rober Ludlum...My favorite place in Male' is Usfasgandu (it is very close to my home )...I am a practicing good Muslim....THAT IS IT...THANK YOU FOR VIEWING MY MIGME PROFILE....
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