Rohit John Chettri
Nepal, Level 11
Music is the best thing that has ever happened in my life. I was introduced to music by my father. He is a music lover, plays different musical instruments but not professionally. Since my childhood I had musical instruments like guitar, tabla and harmonium at home. At the time, my dad was a school teacher, so after his tiring day at school, he used to sometimes play his favourite Hindi and Nepali songs on the harmonium. I used to sit by his side listening to him, sometimes singing along with him the songs I knew. It was in 1998 or 1999 that I did my first stage show. It was School Talent competition, organized by Lovely Angles School. My Dad asked me to take part in Art and Painting because I used to paint and sketch then. But I said I want to sing. He was pretty staggered and he asked me m in the music field is that no matter how hard life is, I can always find a way to be happy and gain that satisfaction through music. As I have grown old with music, it has taught me lot of things in life. And I want to teach the things I know about music to others too, about how music can change someone life.
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