Nepal, Level 4
The musical group GXSOUL started with Bibas Giri and Nima Pun Magar, famously known as Viber-bi/Bibaz Jung Giri and Nimasang respectively, as the founder members. Bibas and Nima were neighbours and hence, their keen interest in music brought them together to form the group. They released their first album Rap for freedom in 2008, under the label of Leeja International, consisting of hit numbers like Chahanchu. Later, after three years, Suraj Bikram Thapa, famously known as Bullet-Flo Thapakaazi, was included in the group. Knowing the Members: Bibas Giri is the crew leader of the musical group. Since his early days, he was inspired and influenced by old school Hip-hop artists. Following their footsteps, Bibas has proved himself that Hip-hop is not just about wearing loose outfits and caps, but having the skills to represent it. Though a new member in the group, Nepali music lovers have loved Suraj for his amazing potential of rapping really fast. He has broken the common belief that, rapping fast in Nepali is just next to impossible. His meaningful words while rapping it really fast, gives justice to his name, Bullet-Flo.
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