Nepal, Level 5
Think of the loyals of metal music in Nepal and you’ll think of young boys and some adult men banging their heads with metal heavyweights like Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer and Sepultura in the year 2000. And think about the first metal band of Nepal and you’ll surely think about the one and only X- MANTRA. We have already gained a solid cult following in the valley and their music and their influences have also made quite an impact on other major cities of Nepal. Their first album made quite good impact on the Nepali metal scene. Now with so much to look forward to and new metallers emerging from the call of the metal pioneers, Nepali music (metal, in fact) can start anew itself. X-MANTRA comprises of Rojesh Shrestha on vocals, Sandeep Tuladhar on lead guitars,Ritesh Shrestha on the bass guitar, Nabin Maharjan on guitar and Bikram Shrestha on the drums. Our first single "Shaleek" was featured in Music Isles Compilation, which became one of the most recognized songs in the concerts. Shortly after that compilation, the band released their debut album "Crying For Peace". till date band released 5 albums in the scene, 10 official music videos. The only mainstream metal band constantly active since 2000
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